There is hope!

I would like to place a picture in this page that has moved quite a lot of people recently, from our Twitter account, as an omen of our future way of dealing with the matters, before the new Panorama Católico Digital goes back online.


It’s a family picture. Tarsicio (Tato) aged three plays his part a an acolite in his little sister baptism, barely four days old. I had the opportunity knowing the priest when a very young seminarian; godfather and godmother since they wer born and Tato, first son of a young Argentinian matrimony, in her mothers belly.

Church is alive. This picture, like thousands everyday, give testimony of it. Here you can see the Church at her splendor, in a beautiful temple, performing the ancestral rite of introducing a newborn girl to the Comunion of the Saints, making her a child of God. But Church is also alive in the places where She is persecuted, or where pious souls suffer for their shephers and fellow faithful going astray.

Against our desire we will be, necessarily, pointing out calamities, but in this new phase of our Catholic website (almost 20 years old) our main mission will be a contribution to hope. We would be delighted to host you as frecuente visitors.


Our Best regards in Our Lord Jesus Christ an His most Saintly Mother.

Marcelo González, Editor

Panorama Católico Digital